Seven Foot Wave are a rock quintet that splendidly combine modern alt-rock with their reggae and ska influences to create a vibrant blend of laid back, mellow grooves. The EP is a hip selection of tracks that are as pure and flowing and as the blue ocean sprawled across the EP's cover. These songs come alive with breezy melodies, smooth vocals and deep percussion that promote the sun-drenched feel specifically endorsed with this free style of music.

Beginning with the rhythm of ska chords, quick drumming and powerfully clear bass lines, you are thrown head first into the bubbly sounds of Seven Foot Wave. 'Now That It's Over' is a powerful break-up song that is passionate as well as gentle. The vocals are cheerful and the added female vocals give the song an extra spontaneity to the group's sound. The addictive feel of this song is not lost throughout the buff verses and fantastic chorus.

'In The Ocean' opens with an annoying telephone conversation that is needless and ruins the opening to which turns out to be a very enjoyable song. The connection to the telephone conversation is obvious but it could have been left out. The songs chorus contains a catchy rhythm and guitar musicianship that is vivid and pushes the song to the boundaries of excellence. The melodic use of the band members chosen instrument are all executed with flair and immense talent. The EP shows clear signs of creativity and thought.

The EP's title track is quite honestly, in a word, brilliant! 'Better Than Sunshine' is one of the liveliest songs on the recording and sparks with a bright energy and presence that a more laidback song like 'Catalina' lacks. While 'Catalina' upholds a tropical flavour with its deep reggae foundations, 'Better Than Sunshine' takes off to give the listener an instant hit of adrenaline based music. The alternative rock seeps through the ska based verses to make this a dirtier song, while still upholding the tantalising zest of the ska based sound Seven Foot Wave deliver so well on this EP.

With a sound that can dart from rock to ska in the change of a verse, Seven Foot Wave have created an EP that is a shining example to many ska bands looking to get noticed. The EP can seem lacking with minor let downs, but they are forgiven with other songs contributing to make this release a real winner.

Standout Tracks: 'Now That It's Over' & 'Better Than Sunshine'

Lead by singer and tunesmith Michael Berns, Seven Foot Wave really is "Better Than Sunshine" in this EP album debut. Breaking away from the ordinary cookie-cutter pop/rock that has seemingly clogged the radio waves across the United States, Berns is successful in combining several types of alternative rock with island sounds that range from reggae to ska. His keen ear for smooth catchy melodies is also evident as I could almost sing the entire song "Catalina," after hearing it just one time. The rest of the band also shines as songs change keys, move to intricate half-time signatures, and explore varying dynamics.

Can't wait for their next release!

Standout Tracks: "Now That It's Over" with additional vocals by Suzanne Eckerling and "Catalina"